Labyrinth Anthologies’ Poetry 2022 edition “Celestial/Bodies” 

The entire universe is made up of matter, including ourselves. Everything is bound under the same immutable laws of physics, whether that is something as immense as a collapsing star or as small as your little toe. But how do these different things relate to one another?

Featuring poetry by: Sophie Dickinson, Maze Laverty, Eli Burley, Esther Fisher, Jelani Akil, B. R. Dionysius, Jennifer Goldring, Cosmo Christofferson, Aimee Nicole, Greg Orre, Meryem Yildiz, B. McFarlane, Misha Solomon, Emily Moon, Bree Taylor, Aleathia Drehmer, Adrienne Rozells, and Lauren Paredes

Labyrinth Anthologies also creates prompts and exercises for the reader to engage with the works featured in its pages more than by simply reading them. We encourage the reader to create, explore and reflect on their experiences and channel them into their own practice. This addition of interactivity between poets, readers and editors truly makes Labyrinth Anthologies unique among other literary/art publications.

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